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It’s important to date the right person. I used to gravitate toward the wrong kind of people. Looking back, I regret spending so much of my life, dating people who I was not compatible with. I always felt, settling was better than being alone. When I reflect, being by me was better than dating people, I was not happy with. After years of trial and error, I think I’ve finally got this dating thing down. Like other things in life, dating also has rules, which should be followed, at least if it is your first time.

 Dressing respectfully on your first date is one of them.
 Remember, “The first impression is the last impression” theory, yes it works.

 Choose a public place for your first date, meeting in private may make you do things, you may regret later, and it can put you in a dangerous situation.
 Don’t talk about sex, it can be misleading!
 Don’t talk about your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend; no one wants to hear that on a first date.
 Most of all keep the topics light; don’t get personal too soon. The purpose of a first date it to see if there is a connection, not hear about a person’s life  story from birth to adulthood.
Your first date is supposed to be fun and exciting. If you are not feeling a connection, then don’t waste your time or the other person’s time. Life is short; it should be lived to the fullest. Always be true to yourself!

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